Monday, April 30, 2007

Manager Function

Management is defined as the process, composed of interrelated social and technical functions and activities, occurring in a formal organizational setting for the purpose of accomplishing predetermined objectives through the use of human and other resources.
One of the functions of a manager in this discussion is the “directing function”. This is categorized as a social-behavioral function in that it involves effective leading, motivating and communicating skills.

A manager must be able to lead those s/he is directing to accomplish the objectives of the group. People follow those in whom they respect, trust and by whom they are inspired/motivated. So it follows that a manager will not be effective in leading people to do the work if they cannot inspire trust and motivate effectively. And all of this is contingent on effective communication skills…both internally with those a manager must direct and externally with other department and high level management.
April 23rd, 2007


Deking said...

After reading your articles here, I think you are more like a manager than a dentist

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

Everyone is a manager pak Deking, at least for they own family, I am a bad organizer.. so I think I need to learn how to organizing coz I am the manager of my clinic