Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Leadership is very important to the overall success of organization. The leadership must be effective within the organization and with external stakeholders. The five components of emotional intelligence are very applicable and important to the leader. These include self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill.

The essence of leadership is the ability to influence others. To have influence, however, one must have power. Power is the potential to exert influence, the obstacles will need to be overcome with the use of influence and persuasion which will hopefully lead to cooperation. This cooperative relationship will pave the way strengthening organization financial and political situation.


Cak Moki said...

most leaders in indonesia don’t have five components of emotional intelligence. So, corruptions anywahere

Kang Kombor said...

Bu Evy,

I disagree with you about “to have influence, therefore, one must have power.” IMHO, power can be used to drive people and so can influence. Influencing leader does not rule the followers with his power. He influence his followers gently. Not like what we all have seen in IPDN. They are, the candidate of bureaucracy leaders, uses violence to threaten their juniors. They are not leaders, they are butchers

AMD said...

Kang Kombor, maybe you consider the “power” Bu Evy mentioned here as something like “military power, money power or so”. If that is the case, I also disagree.

However, IMHO, while I’m considering the word “power” here as an inner-self force to overcome whatever problems occurring to a leader, there is nothing wrong with that sentence.

Leadership is different from dictatorship. Influence gathered from a good leadership is from the respect of the people, not the FEAR.

Cas cis cus… Cape ngomong Enggris-enggrisan nih….

Evy said...

@ Kang Kombor
As a leader, they usually have a “power” this power was giving by the followers or stakeholder because they have chose the leader, so s/he can use this “power” to influence the employee or whatever. Absolutelly different with IPDN way, as I said before, they should learn how become a good leader

Thanks Amed for your explanation, hihihihi good jooob Amed is rock!!!

P4NDU said...

I agree with this post content. If you want to become a leader, you’ll have to persuade others to your side.

Adit said...

Traits of a good leader:
1. has clear vision and missions –replacing power domain
2. all the work targets is affordable
3. being a democratic problem solving decision maker
4. distribute fairly and clearly all tasks and authorities among followers
5. appraise all the accomplishments and give good rewards
Its all that simple but it is hard to be implemented!!

Evy said...

@Pak Adit
Thank you to add some more point, I would be very happy if you can assist me to learn about management and I think everybody will love to joint this forum too.

Do you guys agree with this? Well we can learn english together too, so please don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong

Deking said...

The essence of leadership is the ability to influence others

I think influence is not the main essence of leadership, for me care and concern (ini Noun juga kan? :D) are more important than influence.
Like our wise word: “Asah, asih, asuh”

Evy said...

I agree with you, what u explained is some trick to influence, there are some other trick… but persuation is the bst by caring, loving and helping them to acieve their goal

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

@Cak Moki
Sorry I was trying to move my respond from WP to here, but I miss the one for you Cak, please forgive me, here u go :

Maybe they should taking a leadeship course cak? Well.. I thought some of them learned leadership from their scool IPDN, don’t you think so?

Kang Kombor said...

But, still, I don't dream to be a leader.

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

@ Kang Kombor
u dont need to dream hehehe just do it...