Tuesday, May 1, 2007


“If we could solve the problems inherent in communications, we could indeed solve the most of the problems not only of the organization but the world“

I believe this is absolutelly true, succesfully of management functions of planning,organizing, staffing, directing and controlling as well decissions making by managers, depends on efective communication.
Communication is very essential, when the manager communicate, four things may be accomplished:
1. Information is transmitted
2. Someone is motivated
3. Something is controlled
4. Emotional feelings are expressed

Manager can affect motivation by informing others about rewards based on performance, by providing information that build commitment to HSO/HSs and their objectives and by helping employee understand and full fill their personal need.
Communication can serve the purpose of motivating someone to work harder or perform more efficiently, when employees are praised for their efforts, employees will continue to put forth effort, Consistent and positive communication can affect the morale, Motivation and performance affect level of the work place in general.
A good communication is hallmark to overcome these issues and to keep a healthy work environment. The essence of leaderhip is ability to influence others, that’s why comunication become more important for leader/manager as a tools to distribute fairly and clearly all tasks and authorities among employee also appraise all the accomplishments and give good rewards.


Kurtubi said...

I salute to you doc, to your new presentation web and to your soft spoken like my mother… ofcourse you are a mom for your children and I hope to most blogroll… I think it can be done by good communication. and good comm by the good teeth, good teeth by the oral health… May you tech me your smart doctor??

Deking said...

Yup I agree with you, communication is very important for us.
To be able to communicate effectively (efficiently, politely, wisely), we MUST learn to LISTEN.
Unfortunately most people have good ability in hearing but not in LISTENING.

Goio said...

To be able to communicate effectively (efficiently, politely, wisely), we MUST learn to LISTEN.

I hear that a lot. But, how do you define ‘listen’?

I’m just wondering, what is with these Leadership and Communications posts? Is it job related?

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

Pak Kurtubi
I am not that smart, just ordinary people, everybody can do it, the key is u want to do it or not

hearing using ear, listening using a little bit brain and felling, right?

Ehmm …. I think everybody need to learn management, to manage their life… I am a bad organizer, thats why I need to learn…

venus said...

hohoho...new blog, eh? in english? lha aku gak iso boso enggres je, dok...:D

Madsyair said...

Mrs evy's blog migrate to blogspot? WP have some trouble, but i like WP because it's simple.
@deking. I agree. Most people can speak but not can listen. (sorry, mom. I 'll try improve my english. It's still bad. The grammar '(amburadul)

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

halaah...somebody called by "ndesit" affecting you dear? hwahahaha... tobil will be so happy and laughing, thanks for visiting me...

I just move my English blog, my Indonesian, will keep blogging at WP. Thanks for visiting me ;)

anas said...

Yeah, I also agree with you doc. Communication is a very Important thing we have to try to release and improve. We will feel really upset to life without communicate.

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

Thank you for your comment Anas, well this is a good learning. All..do u guys have any experience with miss comunication whether at ur work, school etc? Let me know what kind and how to solve this problem?

Fourtynine said...

Too long, I should copy the article first, then read at home

Deni Triwardana said...

wah...move again to blogspot, why moving Doc ?.

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

good idea, but usualy you write longer than this

@Pak Deni
no pak Deny, this is my English blog, my senyumsehat still available

p4ndu 454kura said...

Usually if I face a problem, I always use this motto:
"Never lose yourself. If you do, you can't solve everything."
Beside this, you need to improve your communication with others too. It'll really helpfull if sometime you need others to help you.

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

Hi Pandu
Thanks for ur commnet, I like ur motto though, yeah we should control our self first before we would like to control other things, world is so wide...but what we can learned from Soekarno, Hitler etc they use comunication to influences people.

Fourtynine said...

Communication! The important thing that we can interact with others in better way.
That is the thing I forgot, then made me loose her

Sorry,(*ko malah jadi curhat????*)

Evy., DDS., OMFS said...

hihihi dont worry..u will learn from this situation, next time better OK